Flag Wavers

Characteristics, composition and techniques.

The exhibitions of flag-wavers are made up of choreographies performed both during the progress of the parade both during stops of the latter occurring usually in the city squares, where the flag-wavers breed a group exhibition.

In this case, can be performed exercises from Big Team (composed of 8 or more flag-wavers), the Small Team (made up of 4 or 6 set) or performances with a higher degree of technical difficulties such as the Couples and Singles.

The first simulate a fight between two bishops, as if instead of the flag they had swords, while in the Single engages a single flag-waver who must give proof of his ability to “fight” with the flag symbolizing the adversity.

The group exercises match better in events that take place in large squares or in events needing stationary performances during the course of the parade while individuals and couples are better suited to tight spaces.